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"The floor has been wet. The ceiling has dripped water. It won't get better on it's own. The roof needs repairing now or it really will need to be replaced soon."


Great company, nice workers, reliable, and honest. I had roofing craftsman and two other companies come give me quotes. Roofing Craftsman gave me a good quote and also had the best financing option out there. My roof was old and in some bad shape. They came out and got the roof done in a few days, they also cleaned up everyday once done. My roof looks amazing!..the flat part and regular side. I would highly recommend! It was a very smooth process.


Alex Q., Fairfield, California; Yelp! - 5 Stars

[Counties served: Sonoma, Marin, Contra Costa, Napa, Solano, Alameda]

Dear Homeowner,

A wet floor or a dripping ceiling; are a signal.  It is an emergency signal to call now.

I'm going to keep this simple and give you the repair number to begin with, Call (707) 735-0983,   then I'll explain why, if you haven't called yet, you'll probably want to do so, in a minute.

Left untreated a leaking roof can make your life hell and hit you where it really hurts... in your wallet.

You see, for every drip of water that falls from your ceiling, up to two gallons can soak into the wood rafters supporting your roof. And what starts out as a small leak can turn into costly, dangerous problems.

Let me explain...
There's a very good chance you have decided to do something about your leaking roof. And, it's all but certain that you are concerned about getting roof work done by people with integrity... the people you let into your home to do the work. If this is you, then the two minutes it takes to read this short letter will be your best decision all day.

The most important things to consider when selecting a roofing contractor, are first, can I trust the company? Second, do they deliver high quality work? Third? Do they conduct their business with the best interest of the homeowner in mind, and finally, are they reasonably priced?

  • No longer worry about possible structural damage taking place in your roof every time it rains. (After all. . . nobody wants to live in a home with a roof about to fall down from dry-rot).

  • Now you don't have to be worried about the nasty molds, fungus, and mildews that can affect the health of you and your family. . . (These little organisms cause coughing; sneezing and can lead to breathing problems).

  • And no need to fear faulty roof repairs from handymen. . . that end up costing you two-to-three times as much. Why? They simply didn't have because the proper skill and attention to detail wasn't given the first time round.

For 18 years, I've been helping people who are sick and tired of having a leaky roof. No one wants to call the large roofing contractors. . . because they know even though they only need to stop one roof leak, the big roofing contractors will try to replace the entire roof even when a repair will suffice! Or worse, they will not even try to repair the roof.

Dripping from ceiling, roof repair, Sonoma County


Jose and his team were high professional and did a great job with some roof repair work (painting flashings, repairing some rotting wood trim, and adding ventilation to the top of the roof). Would highly recommend him for any roof repair / maintenance work. 

- Chris A. San Rafael , Ca.

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Every homeowner should needs to know that not all roofs are repairable, and if so, we'll tell you. Although in most cases, if you point to the problem area. . . in a short time we can have the leak repaired for you.


Why Is Roofing Craftsmen The Choice?


  • Roof Leak Repair Analysis: There are so many details to look at. If you just miss one, your leaving the door open for leaks to continue.


  • You can call us anytime 7 days a week --night or day to set an appointment.


  • We guarantee the work we do on your home (more about this in a moment) and we take pride in delivering -- results with high standards.

Instead of wasting time and money, why not fix your roof leak right the first time. Isn't that worth a quick call? Really, the only thing you've got too lose is your leaking roof.


Craftsmanship With A Promise!

I'm so confident in our service I am willing to take all the risk out of hiring us and guarantee our work. We guarantee our work to be secure and strong against heavy wind and rain.

If there are any problems I'll come back and fix it, out of my own pocket
. To top it off, even if it's raining
we will stop your roof leak. (Most regular contractors don't have the skills to do this).

The next step is to c
all now Call (707) 735-0983 and set your appointment.

You will feel comfortable knowing you have a roof repair team that truly cares about keeping your roof secure.

Call Roofing Craftsmen now because you deserve to get the job done right!

Roofing Craftsmen Roof Repair, Napa  Team, Rio Vista

I regret that ratings are limited to Five Stars, I would gladly rate Six Stars for this company!
Let me first advise you; I am a California registered architect (since 1973) and an AIA Emeritus member.
For the past 15 years, one of my specialties had been "forensic investigation" of building/construction failures.
I had spent quite some time on a serious leak in my own home and it confounded me to sleepless nights!
I finally swallowed my pride and contacted Jose at Roof Repair Craftsmen.

Finally, we will CLEAN UP. No one cleans up as we do. We do this to leave
your property safe and beautiful.

Jose is a very unusual contractor with a cheerful attitude which was uncommon in a "call back" situation. He is very competent and easy to talk to.  I wholeheartedly recommend Roof Repair Craftsmen to investigate and remedy leaks in your roof.
  Easily 5 stars.  Art Y.,  AIA Emeritus,  Mill Valley, CA

When everything is wrapped and you are certain we've done a great job, we'll ask you to put that comment on Yelp!. Putting your review on Yelp! is IMPORTANT. Your community want to know who does good work in your area.

Contact Jose D. Escalante personally by calling his direct private number: (707) 735-0983

If he's in the field, his answering service or office manager will take your name and number and get right back to you. You'll have an appointment you can schedule on your calendar today.

Call now to set an ASAP appointment.

Call (707) 735-0983

Roof Specialist, Marin County

Thank You! We'll call you ASAP

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